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From Martin van den Bemt <>
Subject Re: [betwixt] Mapping for interface instead of class
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2003 09:36:24 GMT
Hi Christoph,

As far as I can tell (been working on other things for a while now), it
will be a lot of work 
There are afaik a couple of  options :
1) Create a betwixt file for the interface and copy and paste it for
every bean that you have, so the only thing streamed to xml is interface
2) Add all the beans to a collection and an appropiate adder (eg
getEJBBeans() and addEJBBean(Interface), which I think should just use
the interface when making xml out of the beans.
3) Dive into the internals of betwixt and do the introspection yourself
(pretty bad solution I think).

You have to test 2, since I don't know for sure if that is working or

Please keep in mind that betwixt cannot recreate the beans if they are
based on an interface. (new Interface() just doesn't work :) ). 


On Wed, 2003-08-27 at 01:43, Christoph Gaffga wrote:
> Hello,
> i would like to write some beans to XML with a dot-betwixt file for the
> interface the beans implement, instead of a mapping for the beans classes.
> Is there a possibility to implement something like that with betwixt. I
> can'f find anything about.
> Regards
> Christoph Gaffga
> P.S.: I'm looking for a solution to write EJB to a SAX stream, any idea?
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