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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: LocaleBeanUtils - intended development direction?
Date Sun, 27 Jul 2003 22:08:48 GMT
hi adam

the development direction of LocaleBeanUtils will probably depend on those 
developers who volunteer to take it forward. the history of this code is 
that developers have (sporadically) got involved and pushed the code 
forward then have moved on as soon as the code did what they needed it to.

i can't speak for any other committers but this isn't a particular itch 
for myself at the moment so realistically it's not likely to become a 
priority for me unless some keen developers step up. if you've got some 
time and feel like contributing some code then i'd suggest that you join 
us on the commons-dev list (you'll need to set up some mail filters for 
the [beanutils] prefix since it's a high volume list) and we can all talk 
further about the actual design.

you might like to browse

- robert

On Friday, July 25, 2003, at 10:51 AM, Adam Hardy wrote:

> I have a website that is internationalized to use two different locales, 
> and I am using struts, so I use LocaleBeanUtils.copyProperties() to copy 
> my data into and out of the struts ActionForms, which has all string 
> properties. So basically I am doing date and float conversions to string.
> Currently I think I can only get copyProperties() to do the one type of 
> conversion, i.e. I can only use date formats 2003-04-25 and float formats 
> 123.45 - is that correct?
> If it's not correct, can someone tell me how to pass the current Locale 
> to LocaleBeanUtils?
> I think from looking through struts and commons list archives and the 
> Javadoc, that it isn't an option.
> There is a bug in Bugzilla that is related to this issue. 
> but I am not sure whether it means at some point in the future 
> LocaleBeanUtils will do locale-sensitive conversions. And if it will, 
> since copyProperties() is a static method, doesn't it mean that it will 
> have to have the Locale passed to it each call as a param?
> Thanks for the support,
> Adam
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