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From "Lister, Tom (ANTS)" <>
Subject [Digester] element names
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2003 16:54:20 GMT
I'm need to parse an XML document and cross reference selected elements with
a mapping database to resolve different naming conventions between systems.
We are using XML via MQ for real time integration.

My problem is that when I get the content of an element to call a mapping
method call, I also want to pass the name of the element as a second
parameter to the method. I can't see a way to get this information.
Alternatively a way to pass in a hard coded parameter would also work as I
know which elements I am defining rules for.

I can't see any way to pass parameters to a method call other than element
contents - or have I missed something basic.

Do I need to build a custom rule for this?

:-) Tom Lister
Technical Architecture Group
* - 020 7756 5014
* -

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