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From Anton Tagunov <>
Subject Re: DBCP Connection Pooling
Date Tue, 01 Jul 2003 07:59:17 GMT
Hello Vanita!

VS> I am using DBCP  Jdbc2PoolDataSource
I would rather advice you to use BasicDataSourceFactory to
produce BasicDataSource. This code is quite workable.
Jdbc2PoolDataSource probably needs more work on it.

VS> and DriverAdapterCPDS for having a pool of connections for a
VS> client-server application (without having an middle layer
VS> application server tier).
VS> I am using Sun One Directory Server to bind my Jdbc2PoolDataSource
VS> as a datasource object. I can successfully bind the object.
VS> But from the client machine when I do JNDI lookup as:
VS> Jdbc2PoolDataSource ref = (Jdbc2PoolDataSource)ctx2.lookup(pooldsbindString);

VS> Connection c = ref.getConnection();

VS> I get a nullpointerexception.
VS> Any idea what am I doing wrong here?
VS> How can I create a pool of connections on the server and connect it
VS> from the client using JNDI without using an application
VS> server tier?

Not 100% sure, have never used Sun Directory Server, but to me
it looks like the data source you have registered on the server
might be for the server's internal use only. Very much likely
this data source is not export to the client.

Probably you should build a datasource into your client application.
If you need a pool on the client BasicDataSource is a good choice.

I would give 95% of confidence to my answer out of 100%.


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