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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject LocaleBeanUtils - intended development direction?
Date Fri, 25 Jul 2003 09:51:58 GMT
I have a website that is internationalized to use two different locales, 
and I am using struts, so I use LocaleBeanUtils.copyProperties() to copy 
my data into and out of the struts ActionForms, which has all string 
properties. So basically I am doing date and float conversions to string.

Currently I think I can only get copyProperties() to do the one type of 
conversion, i.e. I can only use date formats 2003-04-25 and float 
formats 123.45 - is that correct?

If it's not correct, can someone tell me how to pass the current Locale 
to LocaleBeanUtils?

I think from looking through struts and commons list archives and the 
Javadoc, that it isn't an option.

There is a bug in Bugzilla that is related to this issue.
but I am not sure whether it means at some point in the future 
LocaleBeanUtils will do locale-sensitive conversions. And if it will, 
since copyProperties() is a static method, doesn't it mean that it will 
have to have the Locale passed to it each call as a param?

Thanks for the support,

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