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From Chad La Joie <>
Subject Re: Pool project still active
Date Fri, 25 Jul 2003 00:07:07 GMT
You're probably see the result of this bug.  If you set the pool to a -1 
that does not mean no connection limits (as the Javadocs say).  It seems 
to interrupt that as meaning max allowable connections of -1.  So if you 
don't have your pool exhausted behavior set to make the pool grow when 
it's out of connection the pool will always fail to get a connection 
(since it has -1 of them available).

Even if you do set the pool to grow when exhausted, which does get 
around the -1 problem, if you set your idle connection reclamation 
settings low you'll still basically be without a pool as the pool will 
likely always be creating new connections when you request one.

So my suggestion, if you want an unlimited number of connections is to 
set the max allowable connections to Integer.MAX_VALUE, which is really 
the max possible connections you can have open anyways.

Prashanth Adhikari wrote:
> Could you tell what this bug was? We are having an issue with the Torque 
> connection pooling where if we set defaultMaxActive to anything other 
> than -1 we see poor performance in our load tests. If you know what this 
> bug was plese let me know.
> Thanks
> Prashanth
>> From: Chad La Joie <>
>> Reply-To: "Jakarta Commons Users List" <>
>> To:
>> Subject: Pool project still active
>> Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2003 09:07:17 -0400
>> Is the Pool project still active?  I noticed a bug dealing with the 
>> max active connection behavior that was patched about a year ago, but 
>> no release was made incoporating that change.  Is there any activity 
>> in that group, and if so could you please releae a 1.0.2 release that 
>> contains this and other bug fixes, or comment on whether the nightly 
>> builds are production quality.  Thanks.
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