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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: [JELLY] Constants reference
Date Mon, 21 Jul 2003 21:53:15 GMT
Sean Ferguson wrote:
> How do I reference a constant file?
> Example, ${WindowConstants.DISPOSE_ON_CLOSE} does absolutely nothing. 

jexl tends to be a bit lean (as javascript is) when it comes to objects 
that have no properties or don't have the wished property... I guess the 
"nothing" here is actually a null which is converted to "" so to provide 
something outside of the ${}.

> How would I go about using that value?

I fear you have found a bug as even based on an instance, the constant 
seems not to be picked...

     <j:new className="javax.swing.JFrame" var="frame"/>
     <echo> This should be a size ${frame.getSize()}.</echo>
     <echo> This should be an integer "${frame.DISPOSE_ON_CLOSE}".</echo>

Only responds me:

     [echo]  This should be a size java.awt.Dimension[width=0,height=0].
     [echo]  This should be an integer "".


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