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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: [JELLY] Jelly Usage question
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2003 21:59:23 GMT
Sean Ferguson wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to run the Jelly examples, and have no clue how.  I 
> installed maven, and got the CVS snapshot of commons, and ran maven 
> test.  That all went well.  But now what?  No demos show up when running 
> maven -g, and how do I run a .jelly file?

Weird indeed that the demo goals don't appear. I'm too much a newbie of 
maven to assert why. I think it did appear at the time...

Anyways, grepping through the maven.xml file gives you an amount of 
demoes. Grepping through the maven.xml files of all tag-libs gives you 
way more.
(for example demo:swing or demo:xml if I remember well).

To run a jelly file, I have faced the terrible manual way. Compiling the 
needed taglibs by hand and running the class org.apache.commons.jelly.Jelly

Note, however, that there is an amount of installation provided in 
there. In particular,
   maven -Dmaven.dist.install.dir="dir_to_install_to" dist:install

It seems not to be including taglibs sadly...

Generating the jelly classpath (or any maven-project's classpath) is 
just the following in maven.xml
   <goal name="generate-classpath">
     <echo file="${}/classpath" append="false">${pom. 

Note that I thought there is a way in maven to do this, all packed 
within the maven.xml (just wrapping the jelly file into a goal, except 
the namespace declarations) but that doesn't seem to register all 
tag-libs. I'd like to get deeper into this one but never got the time.
I agree jelly should be easier on this side...


PS: have you tried maven tags:build ?
   You might have to remove a few tags that depend on non-dowloadable 
jars (or download them).

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