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From Andy Paul <>
Subject Re: [JELLY]Cookbook Examples?
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2003 18:42:44 GMT
    I'm afraid the attachment didn't seem to transfer ok.
    Thanks for everyone's interest, I know there's lots of stuff in test 
cases, mailing lists etc, what I aim to do is start up an easy access 
area of information to get started without the need to do all that leg 
work i.e. a new jelly user quick start.
    Being a new-ish jelly user I'm making notes of the things that trip 
me up and/or I discover. It's all out that but it sure would be nice for 
a new user to get a cookbook /crib sheet to speed them along their way, 
I'll put forward a few snippets for feedback in the next day or so.

> Peter, Paul, and Andy,
> Are you interested in adding general documentation (outside of 
> cookbook examples)?  I've attached a few notes I wrote on variables 
> and writing custom tags in Jelly script.
> Bill

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