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From Bill Keese <>
Subject Re: Parsing jelly:http results with jelly:html
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2003 00:29:12 GMT
HTTP tags are working for me but I am saving the output to a variable.

  <http:get url="..." var="outVar"/>

Looking at the code, unfortunately, this seems to be necessary.  Note 
that "outVar" is a HTTPMethod class (see

with various fields, including

${outVar.responseBodyAsStream} and ${outVar.responseBodyAsString} and 

So, if I remember correctly, you would cal

<html:parse var="myXMLDocument">${outVar.responseBodyAsString} </html:parse>

or something like that.

E Smith wrote:

>Does anyone have any examples of how to use jelly:http tags to retrieve HTML pages? I've
been trying to do:
><?xml version="1.0"?>
><j:jelly xmlns:j="jelly:core" xmlns:x="jelly:xml" xmlns:html="jelly:html" xmlns:http="jelly:http">
>  <html:parse var="bhamHomepage">
>    <http:get url="" />
>  </html:parse>
>  <x:copyOf select="$bhamHomepage" />
>But nothing's coming back from the http:get tag. I've also had problems trying to get
the uri and path attributes working for http:get, and stumbled on "url" by guesswork. (I know
I could use the "html" attribute of the html:parse tag, but need to use the http tags so I
have access to request parameters and can do POSTs.)
>I'm using Jelly 1.0-dev. Any help much appreciated. (Perhaps I should be using 1.0-beta-3?)
>Elliot Smith
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