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From Brian Cook <>
Subject Documentation for Jakarta Commons FileUpload
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2003 18:12:10 GMT


Sorry in advance for the remedial questions.  I am looking for 
documentation on using the Jakarta Commons FileUpload package.  I have 
already reviewed the API docs and instructions on the file upload page. 
  Are there any other resources for the fileupload tool?

Specifically I need to know the following:

Where do I put the commons-fileupload-1.0-rc1.jar file?

How do I call the commons-fileupload package in my code?
i.e.  import ??????  or package ????????

System details:

OS:  			Win2k & RedHat 9.0
IDE:			Sun One Studio4 Update 1 Build 021108
Java SDK:		1.4.1_02
Servlet Container:	Tomcat 4.1 (Coyote)

Brain C.

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