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From José Antonio Pérez Testa <>
Subject Re: [beanutils] not finding the setter
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2003 16:23:34 GMT
Taken from java.beans.PropertyDescriptor  javadoc:
     * Constructs a PropertyDescriptor for a property that follows
     * the standard Java convention by having getFoo and setFoo
     * accessor methods.  Thus if the argument name is "fred", it will
     * assume that the writer method is "setFred" and the reader method
     * is "getFred" (or "isFred" for a boolean property).  Note that the
     * property name should start with a lower case character, which will
     * be capitalized in the method names.
     * .....

it seems to be a problem of  your bean. It not follows Java convention 
when you remove the isBound method!

Kenneth Stout wrote:

>Hi all.
>I've been running into a problem that appears to be in how beanutils is
>dealing with information returned from java.beans.Introspector.
>I've created a bean that is similar to the following:
>public class SampleBean {
>    private String bound;
>    public void setBound(String bound) { this.bound = bound; }
>    public String getBound() { return bound; }
>    public boolean isBound() { return Utils.toBoolean(bound); }
>When I use digester to populate the bean the setBound is never called and
>the information is lost. Looking in the log file I find that beanutils says
>"Skipping read-only property". If I remove the isBound method everything
>works just fine. If I leave the isBound and remove the getBound method
>beanutils gets upset as "get" is hardcoded and does not accept the "is" form
>of a getter.
>It appears that java.beans.Introspector is returning three descriptors and
>beanutils can only deal with two descriptors and therefore misses the
>setter. This is my impression. I was very frustrated by this time, however
>it appears that beanutils is hardcode for position 1 and 2 in the
>Introspector array to find the getter and setter.
>I've checked version 1.6.1, 1.5, and 1.4 with the same results.
>Have I missed something?
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