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From Adam Murdoch <>
Subject Re: [VFS] Trying to catch up...
Date Sun, 20 Jul 2003 22:47:43 GMT
On Sun, 20 Jul 2003 02:36 am, Adam Jack wrote:
> 1) Does VFS now work with HttpClient? 

Yes.  If it can find HttpClient in the classpath, it uses a new http provider 
that sits on top of HttpClient, otherwise it falls back to using the existing backed provider.

> 2) Is there a recent release of VFS? If not, are there plans for one?

No releases yet.  I'd like to do an alpha soon.

> 3) Did all of "Anthony Eden's" HTTPFileObject fixes get in there for the
> newly re-worked HttpClient version? exits? size? closing of sockets?

Yes.  Though they don't apply if you're using the HttpClient based provider.

> 4) Is there a bug tracking mechanism yet?

Not yet.

> <RandomThought>
> Any thoughts on allowing HTTP to support "directories", at least for HTML
> content? It is the one thing I've had to write on top of VFS (for me to
> extract the "links" that go "down" and call them children) that would be
> nice to be inside VFS (if it could be done so cleanly). Could it be
> (perhaps) that anything ending with / is considered a directory? I know
> this area is vague, but I feel taking some sort of stab (even with some
> limitations) is better than punting.

Sure, provided it's optional.  Perhaps a provider that sits on top of another 
provider and extracts the links from its files to assemble the namespace 
would be a good thing.

> [I know in VFS something can't be a
> 'file' and a 'directory' but maybe you could introduce a 'hybrid' type w/o
> breaking the model too much, i.e. allowing all HTTP objects that are type
> HTML to be both file and directory...]

I've been wanting to add a hybrid type for a while.  We need it to support 
federation properly (eg where a zip file is both a file with binary content, 
and a folder that contains other files).


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