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From Kristine Weissbarth <>
Subject checking the ending for the output
Date Mon, 14 Jul 2003 09:24:33 GMT

I'm using commons-fileUpload to upload several files onto a server. But
now he following problem occurs: when writing the file to a specified
location a path has to be specified: File uploadedFile = new File(String
path). When I'm specifying the path without a concrete file name
("/home/user/output" instead of "/home/user/output/output.txt") an
exception is thrown. 
But in my application various files should be uploaded ( e.g. *.txt,
*.pdf ...) though I cannot define explicitly the path with a file as the
endings are different. I guess I have to find out which file ending the
uploaded file has (with item.getName() or something) and then specifying
the output ending dynamically. Any idea how that can be done?


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