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From "Rosdi Kasim" <>
Subject Re: DBCP not ready for production server?
Date Mon, 21 Jul 2003 03:09:29 GMT

Thanks for the clarification..
Actually I have been using it for our intranet project (2-3 concurrent
user).... and everything seems to work fine..

Only that I dont have the guts (yet) to propose to my boss to throw away our
old Weblogic and migrate to Tomcat for our
external projects.

Perhaps I will do a stress test first on our development server using
Tomcat+DBCP and see how it performs.


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From: "Danny Angus" <>
To: "Jakarta Commons Users List" <>
Sent: Friday, July 18, 2003 5:14 PM
Subject: RE: DBCP not ready for production server?

> I think the summary of the issues is fairly accurate, but in my opinion it
> makes too big a deal out of them (but I would say that wouldn't I?).
> I think the conclusions in the "bugs" section are unnecessarily harsh and
> is by no-means true that no-one will address any of these issues, in fact
> the author himself is at liberty to do so should he wish to.
> As the author of a commercial JDBC pool I'd reinforce the message that you
> _can_ avoid the issues stated by using the pool correctly, and in fact
> Tomcat uses JDBC all over the world everyday without Jakarta being
> about it.
> I'd say that the most important of these issues is the one of failing
> silently, that Double connection use and Resource leakage are a result of
> bad programming by the user (and could perhaps be highlighted by faster
> explicit failures), and that reallyClose() should perhaps not even be a
> public method. I am not convinced that this action should be possible
> by the pool itself, if there are times when code wants to flag a
> for real-closure I'd prefer to see a mechanism whereby it can be flagged
> let the pool handle as it wishes to on normal close(), IMO the user is
> delegating connection management to the pool and cannot expect to also
> directly intervene in the lifecycle.
> My advice is to _try_ DBCP and keep the issues discussed in this paper in
> the front of your mind while you use it.
> d.
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> > Sent: 18 July 2003 07:45
> > To: Jakarta Commons Users List
> > Subject: DBCP not ready for production server?
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> > Is this true?
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> l+leak&hl=en&ie=UTF-8
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> > If it is.., what (free) alternatives I have?..
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