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From "Adam Jack" <>
Subject [VFS] Trying to catch up...
Date Sat, 19 Jul 2003 16:36:20 GMT
My e-mail address alias set changed (any old DNS alias went away about July
4th), so I slipped of this list w/o realizing. Sorry if I missed traffic on
these but:

1) Does VFS now work with HttpClient? If so, great. [Looking at the code it
sure seems like it -- thank you!.]

        <option project="commons-httpclient"/>

2) Is there a recent release of VFS? If not, are there plans for one?

3) Did all of "Anthony Eden's" HTTPFileObject fixes get in there for the
newly re-worked HttpClient version? exits? size? closing of sockets?

4) Is there a bug tracking mechanism yet?

5) Any other news?

Any thoughts on allowing HTTP to support "directories", at least for HTML
content? It is the one thing I've had to write on top of VFS (for me to
extract the "links" that go "down" and call them children) that would be
nice to be inside VFS (if it could be done so cleanly). Could it be
(perhaps) that anything ending with / is considered a directory? I know this
area is vague, but I feel taking some sort of stab (even with some
limitations) is better than punting. [I know in VFS something can't be a
'file' and a 'directory' but maybe you could introduce a 'hybrid' type w/o
breaking the model too much, i.e. allowing all HTTP objects that are type
HTML to be both file and directory...]

Thanks for working on VFS, it is very powerful/useful solution & very
valuable for other projects.


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