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From "Aaran Stent" <>
Subject Simple XML filter for Digester
Date Sat, 26 Jul 2003 02:49:31 GMT

I am new to XML, after reading all of the hype I have fond disgester is a
actually a practicle way of using XML in a "real world environment".  I have
setup a digester object to load select/combo boxes for my application.  A
simple XML example follows:

	<combo name="colour">
		<option id="1" value="blue">
		<option id="2" value="black">
		<option id="3" value="red">
	<combo name="streets">
		<option id="1" value="street">
		<option id="2" value="court">
		<option id="3" value="road">

This works fine, i can load all of the objects into a LinkedHashMap but I
want to reuse the combo boxes witout having to clone objects.  I would like
to tell the digester to load just one object based on an attribute in a tag.
eg MyComboBoxClass colour = loadCombo("colour");

I have read the article on the ibm website regarding using lucene
( but I did not ant
to go to the trouble of building idexes on the hard drive.


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