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From Dan Diephouse <>
Subject [Jelly] SOAP headers and authentication
Date Mon, 23 Jun 2003 18:59:00 GMT
I've been looking at using Jelly to test my soap services, but am trying 
to come up with a slick way of integrating soap headers into the 
request.  Anyone got any great ideas?

It would be really easy to use just the normal authentication 
(Call.setUsername/Call.setPassword)..  just add username/password 
attributes to the <soap:invoke/> tag.  However, I need to use headers to 

The only way I could think to get around this would be to construct the 
whole soap request myself.  For example there could be an invoke tag 
which instead of just taking parameters to the method, took a whole soap 

<soap:invoke target="http://localhost/some/service">

<soap:Envelope...> <soap:Header>..... etc etc.


Is that feasible?  Or is there a Better Way? :)

- Dan

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