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From Tridev Kodamasingh <>
Subject struts Validator
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2003 08:19:42 GMT

I am using  Dynabeans  for validation while using struts validator.
but most of the cases, I am least concerned about the validation results
(it's my requirement..).

As per my understanding , the validator finds out the matched entries
defined in "validation.xml" file and does the validation for specific rule.
Whereas , if no rules are defined, it just ignores them ...

Am I right in my understanding ?

If that is the case, is there anyway, to know beforehand,  for which entries
, rules are defined , so that I can only pass the dynabeans  for whose
validation entries are defined in  Validation.xml ?

For example, 
	<form name="/name0">
		<field property="name0" depends="minlength"
		<arg0   key="name0" resource="false"/>
		<arg1   key="${var:minlength}" name="minlength"

For  the above entries, in the Validation.xml,  can I know, whether an entry
for form "/name0" is present in the  validation.xml or not just before
calling the Struts validator ??

Any idea would be greatly appreciated.
Thanking you .


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