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From Adrian Sutton <>
Subject RE: [HttpClient] Client certificates possible?
Date Thu, 26 Jun 2003 22:49:34 GMT
Hi Tom,
Sorry to have not replied, the exact same question came up on the
HttpClient-dev list just after you posted here, and I thought it was the
same person asking.  The conversation over there is still on-going, and it
is definitely worth jumping over there as there are a few people interested
in doing this and making the implementation available.

Essentially though, you want to provide your own customized SSL
implementation.  Take a look at for details on
how to do it.  SSL is a bit out of my area of knowledge so I can't help too
much more than that, but there are definitely people over on the dev list
that will be able to.


Adrian Sutton, Software Engineer
Ephox Corporation 

-----Original Message-----
From: Tom van den Berge []
Sent: Thursday, 26 June 2003 7:05 PM
Subject: [HttpClient] Client certificates possible?

  Can anybody of the HttpClient project please have a look at my 
question I asked some days ago?


I was wondering if it is possible to do authentication using client
certificates with HttpClient?
If so, can you give me some directions on the code? Can't find anything on


Tom van den Berge                      
Development                                          V +31 (0)30 65 95 143
Bibit Internet Payments BV                           F +31 (0)30 65 64 464
Kosterijland 20                                    
3981 AJ Bunnik
The Netherlands

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