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From Oleg V Alexeev <>
Subject Re[2]: [betwixt] date and double values format in result XML
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2003 08:51:56 GMT
Hello robert burrell donkin,

Friday, June 6, 2003, 12:42:16 AM, you wrote:

rbd> the answer is - no, at least not at the moment. i've started work on a
rbd> general solution but i've just started a new job and so it got stalled. 
rbd> this is a crucial feature and i hope to find time on sunday to complete it.
rbd>   when i've finished i'll try to remember post a reply to this email.

Good news. :) Thanks. Now I write BetwixtTransformer for Cocoon to
perform objects to XML serialization. But I troubled with strange

I write *.betwixt files for my objects, pass it as XML to the
browser - all is ok. But when I try to transform this XML with XSLT
transformer I can view XML with standart localNames only - without
structure from *.betwixt rules. I view via code and found that
localNames are generated with names of property accessors - and all
registered NameMappers are ignored. With *.betwixt files I can only
hide properties. Can we fix this problem?

Best regards,

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