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From Larry Young <>
Subject [betwixt] where to place betwixt files
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2003 19:11:26 GMT

         I thought I had seen a posting about this awhile ago, but I 
couldn't find it on the mail list archive.  In fact I didn't see any 
postings for betwixt after February.

         I'm in the process of jar-ing my application and I was trying to 
figure out where I need to put my *.betwixt files in the JAR.  I was going 
to put them all into a single 'betwixt' directory, but what happens 
down-the-road when I have two classes in different packages with the same 
name?  Does betwixt even allow this?  Does betwixt rely on the path of the 
class to find the *.betwixt file??

--- thanks ---
Larry Young

Larry Young
The Dalmatian Group 

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