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From "Wannheden, Knut" <>
Subject [jxpath] JXPathBeanInfo for a set of classes
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2003 14:16:45 GMT

I'm using JXPath to navigate an EMF model (, which
btw is a great MOF style modelling framework.  Classes in the EMF model work
very nicely with JXPath as they comply to the JavaBeans standard.  But EMF
also provides its own introspection mechanisms which can be used to access
additional metadata about classes and properties.  These also tell whether
an association is an aggregation (containment) association or not, which
could be useful in JXPath navigation (i.e. parent/child relationship).

I'd like to provide a custom JXPathBeanInfo for the EMF model classes.  This
would let me tell JXPath only to navigate the EMF properties of the model
classes.  The documentation and the JXPathBeanInfo class describes how to do
this, but only for one class at the time.  I'd like to write one class which
works for all model classes (much like the standard JXPathBasicBeanInfo
class), as the implementation would be the same for all of them.

For this I'd have to customize the way JXPathIntrospector works, no?  But
unfortunately it looks like this customization wasn't anticipated (as all
its member methods are static).  Is there another way to achieve this?

Note that the EMF model classes can also reference regular Java classes
outside the model in which case I'd like to revert to JXPath's default
behavior, i.e. use the standard JXPathBasicBeanInfo.



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