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From Toni Soliva <>
Subject Re: [beanutils]DynaProperty readable/writeable information and PropertyUtils
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2003 12:54:15 GMT
Hi Robert,

I will provide a proposal in form of a patch. It will take a few days however 
as I want to make sure, that I comply with the patch submission guidelines.


>hi toni
>i don't see any real reason why a DynaProperty should not contain 
>meta-data - for example whether a property is write, read-write or 
>read-only. in order to preserve backwards compatibility, there is no 
>guarantee that this data is accurate (in other words, older classes are 
>not forced to supply accurate data) and a reasonable default (read-write) 
>should be assumed.
>by all means supply a patch - see 
> containing this 
>- robert
>On Tuesday, May 27, 2003, at 03:21 PM, Toni Soliva wrote:
>> Hi everybody,
>> I am intending to use classes from org.apache.commons.beanutils.* in a 
>> web application replacing old code of mine with a similar functionality. 
>> In that context I noticed that the class DynaProperty has no method to 
>> access the information if a property is read/write, read only or write 
>> only, which is an information I would like to have in my application. The 
>> class PropertyUtils also assumes all properties of DynaBeans to be 
>> read/write properties.
>> If the DynaBeans family of classes should be as near as possible in its 
>> semantics to the java beans standard it seems to me, that it might be 
>> advantageous to have the information about the readability/writeability 
>> of the single properties available either via methods in DynaProperty or 
>> via PropertyUtils. Typical examples for the usefulness of such 
>> information are e.g. the WrapDynaBean (is there a set-method?) or 
>> DynaBeans dealing with JDBC result sets (is the result set updatable?).  
>> In case of standard java beans this information is available through the 
>> java.beans.PropertyDescriptor.
>> Is this information ommited by design or did nobody have the requirement?
>>  Any comments on adding access to the readable/writeable information to 
>> the API?
>> I am referring to BeanUtils 1.6.1 and a search in the list archive did 
>> not turn up information about this issue.
>> Of course I would be happy  to contribute code if so desired.
>> Toni
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