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From Steven Haines <>
Subject Re: Commons / Net tutorial
Date Mon, 23 Jun 2003 07:01:09 GMT
Hi All,

Your question leads to a request that I have for the
group: I have written four articles that I put in the
Java Reference Guide on on the Commons /
NET classes. I already posted one on Telnet, FTP (only
showing download - sorry Michael), and SMTP, with the
final of the four on NNTP going up next Friday. 

So Michael, take a look at and go to
the Java Reference Guide to see if my tutorials and
sample code help. And to the rest of you, can you
check out the articles and tell me if there is
anything that you would like changed.. I update the
guide every week with new content, but because I am a
user of these classes and not a developer of them, I
only had the Javadoc and an understanding of the
underlying protocols to work with and could very well
have made mistakes..

Thanks so much and I hope that these articles are
useful for your users. Feel free to link to the site
if you think others would benefit. There is a link
from the resources section of the articles back to the
Commons/NET website.

Steven Haines

--- Michael Hauck <> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have just downloaded commons / net and it looks
> very powerful.I have 
> played with the FTPClient class a little and managed
> to connect to a FTP 
> server and list all files there. I have however
> problems getting an 
> further from there. Is there any documentation about
> this project? I got 
> the Java Docs but they aren't always very helpful.
> What I want to do 
> next is to send a file (an image) to the server and
> get another one from 
> the same server. Can anyone give me some hints on
> how to do this? 
> Uploading and downloading simple text files works
> fine.
> Thanks!
> mike
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