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From "Adam Jack" <>
Subject [Logging] What I find unfriendly about commons-logging...
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 18:17:08 GMT
Commons-Logging important to protect open source projects from the turmoil
of JDK1.4 logging verse (the superior) log4j. That said, C-L is a
pain-in-the-rear. Just in case this isn't common knowledge (no pun intended)
I will one last time post my views & let this drop.

I consider myself "log affected", I love logs. I debug via logs. I wrote log
messages before I wrote unit tests. Logs matter. When C-L came along I was
happy to see it (although sad for log4j) and embraced it early. C-L is
developer friend, but way too user unfriendly! I've wasted too many hours
fighting it trying to turn it on!

C-L has (IMHO) "double properties" & logging-unfriendly-defaults & poor
logging/error reporting for debugging logging property settings, and that
really hurts usability. I can get JDK1.4 logging to work, but never inside
C-L when inside an app server or whatever, it is just too painful. These
days I check out commons-logging from CVS, hack it to turn on debug, and use

Log4j had the smarts to have log4j.debug allow "debugging properties", and
C-L needs that. Something seems really wrong with how C-L properties are
handled. Make a few mistakes in the configuration & you'll see nothing but
unhelpful messages.  IMHO C-L needs unit tests specifically for bad
configurations, and it needs to improve it's error reporting. Users ought
not be wasting time debugging the debugging aid.

Further, the defaults seem terrible. If I run in JDK 1.4 (and have logging
configured) and C-L picks up the JDK1.4 driver, then I ought not need a C-L
properties file to see log messages. IMHO whatever the underlying
configuration has set-up, ought be accepted. For whatever reason I can get
JDK1.4 working, but never get it working inside C-L. That seems pretty

Just my tuppence, and no -- I don't have a patch to fix it all, sorry.


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