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From "Adam Jack" <>
Subject RE: [Logging] Facade
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 17:59:18 GMT

	> (2) I need to fail safe if logging is not in the environment (so can't
	> those classes into my code).

	You mean if the C-L classes are not in your code?  (C-L already defaults
	to SimpleLog writing to System.out if neither JDK 1.4 or Log4J 1.2 can be

No, if C-L classes are not in the environment my code ends up being run in.
I can't control where the user runs me, so I want to tolerate C-Ls absence.

	Sounds like you might want to think about turning your facade
	into direct calls on the underlying logging system, instead of trying to
	go through C-L as well.  C-L isn't really buying you anything.

C-L is buying me "yet another choice". If I went directly to JDK1.4 I am
JDK1.4 only. If I go to log4j (a beautiful thing) I am conflicting w/ all
the Jakarta products running to commons-logging. I don't need C-L as a code
wrapper (hands on is nicer) but it is a valuable abstraction.

I have thought about it, long and hard. As a user it suits my
requirements/usage to wrapper C-L.  C-L wrappers log4j, JDK1.4 logging --
and they allow for it.

	> (3) I want to be able to move to the next best logging XYZ that comes
	> or whatever survives from the log4j/jdk14/c-l tussle.
	> So, any chance of facade in c-l?

	You've got the source ... go ahead and propose a patch :-).

Yeah, maybe. I am still waiting for patches I've posted to be applied to
commons-vfs/ant/others, and am getting tired of expending that energy only
to wait w/ no reply. Since this is only a "propose" (and below you don't
seem open to it) I'll not be trying any time soon. So my stuff looks stupid
over C-L, I'll live.

	For my purposes, C-L is already a facade that already exposes the method
	name of whoever called it.  Double facading (as you propose) is not
	something that I'm going to spend any coding time on.

Double facading is a user/usage choice, for whatever user reasons. You don't
have to code it to support it. Both JDK1.4 and Log4j allow this, 'cos they
respect user choices...



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