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From "Bill Keese" <>
Subject Re: Jelly Status
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2003 01:07:18 GMT
> I'd like to know whether there is
> still a serious ongoing development effort in Jelly.

Unfortunately I have the same concerns; I submitted some patches to
commons-dev mailing list weeks ago without any response (yet), which is even
scarier.  Same thing with some other people that submitted patches.  I think
the owners of the Jelly are involved in many things and are thus very busy,
but still...

As for documentation, you need to (use CVS to) check out the code and then
look at all the examples in the java/test directories.  I also have a number
of notes I've written which I can send you or post here, if you are

Also, I agree that the stuff on ibiblio is incomplete, and also very old,
although I'm not sure if that is a Jelly problem or a general problem.
(Specifically regarding updates not on ibiblio, the HTTPClient has had some
important changes, such as URL-encoding.  And Dom4J has had some important
fixes regarding namespaces.)

I'm not sure what the alternative is though.  Ant is great but it is a build
system, not a scripting language, and therefore it is missing many important
things for scripting, such as (mutable) variables.  I also like XSLT as a
language (it is very elegant), but it is not a scripting language either.
Also, you should see , although I don't
necessarily agree with the article personally.


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From: "Ken McCloskey" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2003 8:15 AM
Subject: Jelly Status

> I'm quite eager to use Jelly, but I find the installation to be difficult
> and the documentation to be thin and unhelpful. One of the reasons I
> Ant has been so successful is that you can download it, install it, and
> it in a matter of minutes. No lost time, no frustration.
> Many of the dependencies required to build Jelly are not on ibiblio, for
> example.
> Before I invest any more time into it, I'd like to know whether there is
> still a serious ongoing development effort in Jelly.
> Ken
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