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From "Andy Kriger" <>
Subject RE: [HTTPCLIENT] version 1 docs?
Date Thu, 01 May 2003 14:20:40 GMT
I managed to get what I needed. I guess what'd help is a list of CVS tags
for the various major (and important minor) versions so that a user can
checkout what they need. I'd love to use v2a3 since it does have a much
improved design, however this is for a production project and requires
stable code.


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From: Adrian Sutton []
Sent: Wednesday, April 30, 2003 18:50
To: 'Jakarta Commons Users List'
Subject: RE: [HTTPCLIENT] version 1 docs?

Hi Andy,
Every release of HttpClient should include the complete javadocs for that
version, the source distributions will also include the entire source tree.
Thus, if you have a copy of HttpClient 1.0, you should also have a copy of
the JavaDocs.  HttpClient 1.0 is an absolute world away from the HttpClient
of today and it's actually before my time and before the time of most of the
current HttpClient developers, so we don't really maintain, support or know
much about the 1.0 codebase - we'll do what we can to help though. :)

I'm not sure exactly how SourceForge downloads differ from Apache downloads,
both provide a fairly simple list of the files you can download - since
HttpClient doesn't have separate downloads for documentation and code, the
list of files only contains a source and binary distribution for each


Adrian Sutton, Software Engineer
Ephox Corporation

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From: Andy Kriger []
Sent: Thursday, 1 May 2003 2:34 AM
To: Commons-User
Subject: [HTTPCLIENT] version 1 docs?

the javadocs on the HTTPClient website are for v2a3
is there a zip of the version 1 javadocs somewhere that i can download?

in general - downloads for HTTPClient could be much easier than they
currently are (something more like sourceforge, where it's easy to see the
various versions and their components - src/bin/doc)


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