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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [logging] Switching from JDK1.4 logger to Common's
Date Thu, 22 May 2003 14:55:30 GMT
hi roman

commons-logging is a thin wrapper for an underlying logging system. the 
logging system can be configured at run time through a variety of 
mechanisms. look at the package documentation or
commons/logging/userguide.html for more details.

if it is not specifically configured then commons-logging tries to make a 
reasonable guess about what logging system should be used. the default 
installation without explicit will default to log4j if it is installed 
otherwise jdk 1.4 logging otherwise SimpleLog (an common-logging Logger 
which defaults to print to System.err).

if you configure commons-logging explicitly you will have complete control 
over the underlying logging system used - and you can even create your own 

- robert

On Thursday, May 22, 2003, at 01:11 PM, Roman Rytov wrote:

> Do I understand correct that my code uses Log4j logger then I may by
> changing just its declaration switch to JDK1.4 one. But viseversa it's
> impossible. Correct?
> Roman
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