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From Larry Young <>
Subject [betwixt]hiding data members
Date Wed, 21 May 2003 20:13:00 GMT

         I have a question regarding the Bean <--> XML conversion process.

         Is there a way to specify which data members (as represented by 
get/set methods) are available for conversion into/outof XML and which 
should be ignored?  I thought I had seen something about this somewhere in 
the docs when I initially looked at the product, but now I can't find 
it.  Basically some mechanism to say which fields are "transient" and which 
are not.

         If there's no way to do this, I'll just have to rename some of the 
methods to use "load/save", "assign/retrieve", or something like 
that.  That would be unfortunate because I don't really want to encode my 
beans persistence model into their method names, but ....

--- thanks ---

Larry Young
The Dalmatian Group 

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