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From Erik Price <>
Subject Re: [collections] HashMap with multiple values for one key
Date Thu, 29 May 2003 20:00:42 GMT

Rob Leland wrote:
> Denis Avdic wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I know this is probably a really stupid question but i am looking for 
>> a HashMap (or similar)implementation that will store multiple objects 
>> under the same key.  I wrote a superficial implementation myself  
>> based on the HashMap, but I am interested to know if there is 
>> something out there already implementing this functionality.  I really 
>> couldn't decypher if multimap would do this. 
> Why not just store an object which itself is a container.
> Either a class with public member functions, it could be a list, or even 
> another Map ?


1. If you want to use an object that implements Map but don't want to 
bother to implement all the stubs.

2. Item 30 of Effective Java: Know and Use Libraries


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