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From Anthony Eden>
Subject Re: [VFS] [PATCH] UrlFileObject.exists (when HTTP)
Date Thu, 15 May 2003 21:51:12 GMT

Adam Murdoch wrote:

>On Fri, 16 May 2003 01:43 am, Adam Jack wrote:
>>I tell ya, I'd love to replace this code with HttpClient code, where we
>>could (1) set the UserAgent to be 'commons-vfs' (2) user HEAD and/or GET
>>(3) have "follow redirects work" (I found a bug in JDK where
>>it does not seem to follow relative redirects) and (4) only do (at most) on
>>HEAD and one GET (if needed) per URL. [4 could be done with either
>>underlying code.]
>These are all good ideas.  My plan for doing this was to extend the WebDAV 
>provider to handle plain HTTP as well, since it already sits on top of 
>HttpClient, and already does these things (uses OPTIONS instead of HEAD).  It 
>just needs to be extended to handle non-dav resources.
I would rather have it work the other way around - the WebDAV provider 
should extend the plain URL provider, or they should be kept separate.  
I don't want to have to have WebDAV libraries if I am not using that 

Anthony Eden

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