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From Anthony Eden>
Subject Re: [VFS] What is the status of VFS?
Date Thu, 08 May 2003 01:24:04 GMT
Well, I am using it in several projects and I know that there have been 
changes in the CVS on a regular basis, so I consider it to be a live and 
active project.  It is part of commons so it is one among many 
projects.  It also seems that the Jakarta group is still fragmented when 
it comes to things such as bug tracking, but I bet there is (or will 
soon be) a project for VFS in the Apache bug tracker.

Anthony Eden

Adam Jack wrote:

>Is this an active project? How actively used is it, and how maintained? I
>can't seem to get folks to reply to my questions here, and  I can't even
>seem to find the bug tracking software for it. Can anybody give me some
>Thanks in advance.
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