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From Toni Soliva <>
Subject [beanutils]DynaProperty readable/writeable information and PropertyUtils
Date Tue, 27 May 2003 14:21:03 GMT
Hi everybody,

I am intending to use classes from org.apache.commons.beanutils.* in a web application replacing
old code of mine with a similar functionality. In that context I noticed that the class DynaProperty
has no method to access the information if a property is read/write, read only or write only,
which is an information I would like to have in my application. The class PropertyUtils also
assumes all properties of DynaBeans to be read/write properties. 

If the DynaBeans family of classes should be as near as possible in its semantics to the java
beans standard it seems to me, that it might be advantageous to have the information about
the readability/writeability of the single properties available either via methods in DynaProperty
or via PropertyUtils. Typical examples for the usefulness of such information are e.g. the
WrapDynaBean (is there a set-method?) or DynaBeans dealing with JDBC result sets (is the result
set updatable?).  In case of standard java beans this information is available through the

Is this information ommited by design or did nobody have the requirement? Any comments on
adding access to the readable/writeable information to the API?

I am referring to BeanUtils 1.6.1 and a search in the list archive did not turn up information
about this issue.

Of course I would be happy  to contribute code if so desired.


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