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From chris perreault <>
Subject jelly: unable to perform transform with included or imported xsls with relative paths
Date Tue, 27 May 2003 13:34:04 GMT

I have a complex xsl transform i am performing on a
bunch of xmls to transform them into html

i am including / importing about 15 different xsls,
and the xml:transform tag is choking on the
transformation, saying there is an io error with each
included file. If i run my jelly script from the
directory that the xsls are in, then all is fine.

is this a known issue?

all xsls are in the same directory. the includes look
like this:

(in main.xsl)

<xsl:include href="xsl1.xsl"/>
<xsl:include href="xsl2.xsl"/>

it works everywhere else, 4 different versions of
xalan, msxml, xmlspy transformer, etc.

anyone seen this behaveoir?



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