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From chris perreault <>
Subject jelly: puzzling core:file / xml:transform behavior with serialization / xsl:output
Date Tue, 27 May 2003 13:29:35 GMT

I have a rather complex xsl transformation process
that I am performing on a zillion xml files to create
html output. I had implemented this using DOM and
xalan for the transformation, all in Java. I have
ported this to jelly. I had been feeling pretty proud
of myself and enthralled with jelly (amount of code
decreased by a factor of 4 at least!) until i noticed
the following issues:

1. xsl:output directives seem to be completely ignored
(i can pipe the results of the transform to the screen
and verify that no matter what i set in the xml, i
always get xml out incl the xml declaration. this
unfortunately is not appropriate for my purposes, as
old browsers must be supported. 
2. I can set outputMethod=html in the file tag, which
does change the output to html, but there are side
effects - basically, all whitespace at the beginning
and end of text nodes gets swallowed, which i would
guess would be the effect of the trim attribute most
of the xml-oriented tags have. However, i have set
trim to false and there is no change. In fact, in at
least one case i have seen the xml output to be
slightly reordered, where the expected xml was
something like
<div>some text </div><span>some more text</span> and
the output produced by the transform tag is <div>some
text <span> some more text</span></div>. This is very
strange. Again, though, using outputMethod=xml,
everything looks great.

I am guessing that the ignoring of the xsl:output
directive might be a design decision, where it was
expected that the file tag would be able to take care
of any changes in output. perhaps someone might be
able to suggest a solution here, short of me
implementing my own transformer...

Thanks very much for any pointers you might have.


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