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From Tarang Kumar Patel <>
Subject [Problem] Is it a "Keep-Alive" problem or something else.
Date Mon, 19 May 2003 20:32:21 GMT


   Ref: jmeter 1.8.1

   I am finding that when I do a simple Http request for a large file, say
   2MB, across an HTTPS protocol this takes something like 4 minutes.  I have
   "Keep-Alive" turned on in the http request. However, a simple java program
   doing the same request performs this in 1 sec (data averaged across 100

   [Q] Whats going on ?

   Having followed the bug reported about "keep-alive", I figured I best try
   just the vinalla HTTP protocol.  Then for the same file unter jmeter or my
   simple java code using HTTP this compares quite nicely, about 1/3 sec per
   complete response.

   [Q]  So what is the bottle neck  with https ?

   Finally, I find having downloaded both the 1.9 (unstable) and the nightly
   build, to see if the "keep-Alive" was an issue only for HTTPS and possibly
   cured - I find that I can't get the "SSL Manager" to read my "keystore"
   file. There isn't anything wrong with the file as jmeter 1.8 reads it no

   [Q] Any ideas ?

   Appreciate your feed back to my email address, as I don't get to read this
   channel on a daily basis.


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