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From "Sigler, John" <>
Subject [CLI] required options vs. usage
Date Fri, 09 May 2003 16:22:29 GMT
I'd like to set some options as required command line arguments, which are required _except_
when someone wants to see the usage text. That is, the command:


throws a missing argument exception (and probably prints usage) because there were missing
required switches of "-s -f filename" switch. And:

  foo -s -f file -o -g -l

works because -s and -f file match the required options (and the others weren't). And:

  foo -h

prints usage and exits and ignores the required arguments.

I'd think this is fairly common but the only way I see to do this is not use required options
support and write my own logic to do this. It's not difficult but I'm just wondering if I
am missing something obvious?


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