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From "Martin Cooper" <>
Subject Re: FileUpload - getting started
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2003 00:11:49 GMT

"Bill Lunnon" <> wrote in message
> Folks,
> Not too sure if this has been posted previously, but I have been
> familiarising myself with FileUpload 1.0 Beta.
> I downloaded the zip version of the binary. However, before I could get
> it to run I had to install the following other commons packages:
> BeanUtils
> Logging
> Is this the norm for FileUpload?
> There is no information about these dependancies on the fileupload site
> ( Is this worth
> adding?

The build dependencies are listed here:

There isn't a separate list of only what's needed to use the package,
though. I agree that this would be a useful addition.

Note that the dependency on Commons Logging comes from Commons BeanUtils,
and not FileUpload itself, although that will likely change.

> Apart from the setup issues, FileUpload is working really well.
> Congratulations to all.
> For those that are interested I have a JSP page, running under TOMCAT
> that is used to upload images and other information to a web server.

Glad you find it useful!

Martin Cooper

> TA
> Bill

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