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Subject Problem with Validator 1.0.2 in WebLogic 6.1 SP3 + SUN
Date Mon, 28 Apr 2003 14:41:05 GMT
I have a web app that uses Struts, and also validator 1.0.2 pluggin.
The application runs OK in the following enviroments:
-Windows 2000/Bea WebLogic 6.1 SP2
-But, the SAME application doesn´t run in our real environment Sun 5.8/
WebLogic6.1 SP3.
-if I dont´t use the validator plugging, all the application works  in WL
6.1 SP 3 + Sun 5.8

The problem is with the validator plugging. The pages that needs validation
not displayed correctly (the javascript that validator generates is
included as text in the HTML page). After some tests, I can say that the
servlet that
corresponds to a page with validator is not correctly generated (in Sun/ WL
SP3) and not includes the use of class

The application is deployed correctly, and no exception is thrown.

Could someone help me to understand what is going on ? and to find a
solution for this?


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