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From "Ojeda, Winston" <>
Subject [Net] Server to Server Transfers...
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2003 21:36:00 GMT
I had the feeling some one had already touched on this some time ago, but
could not find it in the archives.
All of a sudden, we have the need to attempt an Sever to Server FTP transfer
between two remote hosts.

Running the included example proves it does not work
very well.
This is reinforced by the docs which say:

/* Keep in mind, this program might only work
 * if host2 is the same as the host you run it on (for security reasons, 
 * some ftp servers only allow PORT commands to be issued with a host
 * argument equal to the client host)

This is true. It seems to work only when localhost to localhost.
On a SRV1 to SRV2 scenario I get this:

  PORT 199,99,94,9,81,142
  502 Illegal PORT Command

Severs used are both wu-ftp.  I also tried  
just in case, but to no avail.

Close inspection reveals 
fails every single time.

Is there a trick to this?
Am I missing something here?
Anyone has had any luck with such a transfers?

Winston Ojeda

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