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From "Darrel Riekhof" <>
Subject beanutils, too much logging
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2003 19:56:46 GMT
I'm running a struts 1.1 application on jboss 3.0.6 / tomcat 4.1.18.  We're
using BeanUtils to automatically go back and forth between struts forms and
middleware view classes.  Everytime I do this, beanutils spits out a ton of
messages to the jboss server console that look like this:

12:37:56, 115 INFO  [STDOUT] 1557513 [Thread-9] DEBUG
org.apache.commons.beanutils.BeanUtils  -   setProperty(foo1=bar1

JBoss is using log4j.  I'm pretty sure it picks up its settings from JBoss's
server/default/conf/log4j.xml, and that I wouldn't be able to define my own
webapps or xml file because JBoss will load this one first.
So, I could either change JBoss's log4j.xml or do runtime configuration
using the log4j configurator api.  Assuming this is correct, how would I
configure it to filter out all the beanutil logging and still keep getting
all the other messages?

Also, in the sample log entry above, why does it say that its INFO level and
DEBUG level?  Are beanutil log messages getting nested inside jboss's?

thx, Darrel

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