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From Warner Onstine <>
Subject [jelly] a bug? or am I missing something
Date Tue, 15 Apr 2003 02:29:04 GMT
Ok, I'm basically trying to duplicate some stuff from xsl land here and am
having some serious problems.

Here's my jelly snippet:
<x:set var="tables" select="database/table"/>
<j:forEach indexVar="index" begin="1" end="${tables.size()}" step="1"
items="${tables}" trim="no">
    <x:set var="currentTable" select="/database/table/[$index]"/>
    <j:set var="className"><x:expr
    <vel:merge name="${outputDir}/${className}Peer.php" basedir="templates"
readOnly="true" template="classes/peer.vm"/>
    <vel:merge name="${outputDir}/Base${className}.php" basedir="templates"
readOnly="true" template="classes/base.vm"/>

Now, here's the problem I am running into:
55 [main] ERROR parser.XMLParser  - Caught exception:
org.apache.commons.jelly.JellyException: null:-1:-1: <null> Encountered ".
size" at line 1, column 7.
Was expecting one of:
Now, through all the examples I've read this should work. $tables is an
ArrayList and has the method size().

Any reason why this isn't working?


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