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From James Strachan <>
Subject Re: [Jelly] Is there a tag for regular expression?
Date Wed, 16 Apr 2003 17:04:57 GMT

On Wednesday, April 16, 2003, at 05:44  pm, Willie Vu wrote:

> I'm trying to find a Jelly tag that supports regular expression.  Is 
> there
> such a tag?  I want to use it in conjunction with junit tags to do unit
> testing.

AFAIK there isn't one right now.

Though you could always use some helper bean or some regexp API 

<jelly xmlns="jelly:core">
	<useBean var="tool" class="com.acme.SomeRegexpBean"/>


	<set var="regexp" value="${tool.makeRegexp('someexpression')}/>

	<if test="${regexp.matches(someString)}">


Though it'd be a bit cleaner if there was a regexp tag library.


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