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From "Malani, Prakash" <>
Subject RE: Commons-Validator
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2003 16:25:26 GMT
Hi Mete,

How are you doing?  The best way I found to learn quickly on how to use the
Commons Validator was to down the source and look at the one of the tests.
I have written a small extension that makes it bit easier to use the commons
validator.  We have used the validator as well as the extension on one of
the projects successfully.  Again, start with test in the extension.  The
jar file for the extension is available here:

Best regards,

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> Hello all, 
> I've been using the Validator framework with a Struts 
> application for some time and quite like it. Now I want to 
> integrate commons validator framework with a non-Struts web 
> application. I looked at the Commons Validator webpage and 
> couldn't find any docs on how to integrate it with a web 
> application. On the Struts page, there are Struts-specific 
> validator docs, but the webapp I have is not a Struts app.  
> Do you know of any docs, or some article somebody has written 
> on how to integrate the Commons Validator with a non-Struts 
> webapp? Can you help me in this regard? 
> Thank you very much, 
> Mete 

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