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From Karol R├╝ckschloss <>
Subject [digester] Parsing a schema instance / parsing dates
Date Mon, 28 Apr 2003 14:38:47 GMT

I have used Digester for the last couple of weeks but never validated
against a schema before.

Now I'm in a situation where I want to make Digester respect a schema
during the parsing. More specific, there are date fields in the XML
documents that I'm parsing with Digester.
What I tried to do is to

However, even if I put an invalid date in the <startDate/>, Digester is
still happy about it. I would actually want an exception to be thrown.
The setSchema(String) call doesn't seem to have any effect. Am I doing
something wrong?

Another point with the dates. It would be excellent if Digester could
recognize elements with type="xs:date" and accept a CallMethodRule, such as
             new Class[] { Date.class });
Currently, this throws an ugly exception during the parsing because
Digester doesn't realize that 2003-28-04 is a date...

Any help will be mostly appreciated.


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