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From Erik Price <>
Subject Re: [digester] automatic conversion to primitives?
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2003 22:32:01 GMT

robert burrell donkin wrote:
> digester is very flexible. it consists of a small core engine plus a 
> number of other classes that ship with digester and implement the 
> functionality. the digester.addXXX methods are just for convenience - 
> all that digester does internally is create instances of the appropriate 
> Rule implementations. the possibility of shipping a core digester 
> implementation (with a basic engine stripped of all the Rule 
> implementations) has been discussed.
> so, if you call addCallMethod, digester creates a CallMethodRule and 
> adds it at the given pattern. so if you're using addCallMethod you're 
> using a CallMethodRule. CallMethodRule's use beanutils to perform 
> conversions method type conversions.

Great, thanks for clearing that up for me Robert.  It's probably spelled 
out in the docs, which I've read, but I didn't quite grasp Digester on 
this level before.  I only knew how to use it from client code.


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