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From "Knight, Digby" <>
Subject Simple question re BeanUtils and dates
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2003 11:55:55 GMT

I'm afraid my firewall blocks searching the mail archives, so I'm having to
ask a question that's probably been asked before.

I'm trying to use BeanUtils to set a date property of a bean from an
HttpRequest (in yyyy-mm-dd format), but can't see how to do it with standard
functionality (BeanUtils.setProperty() or BeanUtils.populate()). I have
written and registered my own DateConverter which worked, but seems an
unlikely thing to have to do when there are all the standard converters

I've been trying all the code from the API overview, but I keep getting an
"argument type mismatch" if I don't register my own Converter.

Could anyone send me some code which will populate this bean from the
request below:

public Bean {
	private Date date;
	public Date getDate() { return date; }
	public setDate(Date date) { = date; }


If the code can recognize any format for the date, so much the better!

Thanks in advance.


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