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From "Bill Brown" <>
Subject Junit error in script used by j:include, reports generic error
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2003 19:35:46 GMT
    I am a new user of Jelly, attempting to get Jelly to work well
along with junit.  So, I used the include tag to run a jelly script and
that jelly script uses junit to report errors. The errors were not
reported, just a generic failure of the script.  I get the string,
"could not include jelly script" in the exception, which led me to the
doTag method within the code.  The includeTag code is
changing the type of error, from JellyException to JellyTagException,
and then setting the cause of the JellyTagException to the original
exception., which appears to run tags, does not access
the cause of an Exception.
    Since I am very new to Jelly, I am not sure if I have diagnosed
this problem correctly.  Could you please advise me?
    Thanks very much for your time.

                        Bill Brown

ps.   By the by, I am a jelly fan.
pps. Either I or one of my colleagues plans to enhance the xmlunit
jelly tag set.  We are contemplating integrating in httpunit.

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